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Oklahoma NG9-1-1 Boundary Workshops

The Oklahoma NG9-1-1 Boundary Workshop is intended to educate NG9-1-1 / GIS data maintainers on how to create and maintain the critical GIS boundaries that are essential for NG9-1-1 to function. While county boundaries, city limits, law enforcement jurisdictions, fire districts, and emergency responders service areas do contribute to defining these critical boundaries they are not the only items to consider. Physical or geographical boundaries along with a host of other considerations must be utilized in determining the exact placement of these boundaries for NG9-1-1. While some of these issues can be handled internally with a PSAP, issues that potentially modify a PSAP's external boundary with a neighboring PSAP will require participation by the State of Oklahoma 9-1-1 Management Authority to implement. This NG9-1-1 Boundary Workshop will discuss these considerations as well as the recommended steps that will be required to resolve boundary disputes both internally and externally for a PSAP.

Course Length: 4 hr

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  • Registrations
  • Lawton - 2/28/24 1p-5p
  • Tulsa - 3/27/24 8a-12p
  • Ada - 5/21/24 ap-5p
  • Woodward - 6/11/24 1p-5p
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed